11.02.1971: Assembled in Long Beach

29.07.1971: To American Airlines, N103AA - first DC-10 delivery together with United Airlines' #6

06.12.1972: Cargo door opened during flight which resulted in decompression and floor damage (Known as “Windsor incident”)

19.10.1993: WFU and stored

20.10.1993: Ferried to Tulsa, OK

28.10.1993: Ferried to Amarillo, Texas

Hours / Cycles accumulated by 28/10/1993: 62351 / 25120

03.12.1996: Ferried to Goodyear to be converted to MD-10

04.12.1996: To FedEx

1999: Re-registred N532FE

16.05.2002: To Aviation Management Systems for scrapping

2002: Broken up at Goodyear after being assigned to MD-10 program




3 CF6-6K

Photo by Mark Abbott

#5 at Goodyear Municipal on November 25th 2000. Like some of its ex American Airlines fleetmates, it is awaiting its conversion to MD-10

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