02.07.1979: Assembled in Long Beach and regsitred N1002X for Mc Donnell-Douglas

03.03.1980: To Swissair (Ticino), HB-IHL

12.1988: Renamed (Thurgau)

27.02.1992: To Northwest Aircraft (1226), N226NW and leased to Northwest Airlines

01.05.1994: To Northwest Airlines

01.04.2002: Last service for Northwest Airlines

02.04.2002: WFU and stored in Roswell

????: Back in service with Northwest Airlines

2004: Painted into new colour scheme

2006: WFU and stored at Minneapolis/St. Paul

2007: To Amerian Trans Air, N701TZ




3 CF6-50C2B

Photo from Taxiways collection

Swissair had a long tradition in operating DC-10. #292 was one of the last to leave the fleet.

Photo by John Kelley

Here is #292 on final for runway 24L in Toronto on July 23rd 1999

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