30.01.1973: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N1350U for Mc Donnell-Douglas

????: Planned to registrated F-BTDB for UTA but not taken up

19.03.1973: To UTA, F-BTDC

30.03.1975: Leased to Thai Airways (Phimura), HS-TGA

15.05.1977: Returned to UTA, F-BTDH

06.05.1988: To Aeronautics Leasing and leased back to UTA

21.12.1992: Merged into Air France

11.08.1994: Painted into Air France colours

25.03.1995: Leased to AOM French Airlines

23.06.1995: Re-registred F-GTDH

09.04.1998: To AOM French Airlines

20.07.2000: Emergency landing in Brest (see comments below)

18.09.2000: Back in service

22.09.2001: Merged into Air Lib

30.11.2001: Last service for Air Lib from Martinique to Paris/CDG, ferried to Paris/Orly, WFU and stored

11.04.2002: Ferried to Nimes/ Garons for scrapping




3 CF6-50C2R

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#85 at Paris/Charles de Gaulle

Photo by Frank Schaefer

Thorughout its career, #85 was re-registred in France for several times. Here it is, still with its last UTA-reg F-BTDH, at London/Gatwick in July of 1997.

Photo by Laurent Kepinski

This DC10 was forced to land in Brest, while en route from Gatwick to Orly, because of a failure of the inboard flap system. The failure occurred during a ferry flight and a inflight test of the system. We had to replace the support of the actuator of the L/H inboard aileron. We faced two problems : 1/ the L/H inboard flap and aileron had to be removed and we had no facilities to work in 2/ the support to be replaced was very hard to find and the Boeing RAMS team came with a used one picked up on a stored DC10. That was the only solution to fix the plane before the autumn. Brest is a windy airport, and rainy too ! We built a kind of tent with fabric above the trailing edge. But I was very lucky because the day I planned to reinstall the flap with a big crane, there was absolutely no wind ! (Comments from Laurent Kepinski, project manager of #085's recovery)

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