25.09.1973: Assembled in Long Beach and planned for Air Afrique but not taken up

13.11.1973: To Martinair Holland (Kohoutek), PH-MBG - original name planned for this aircraft was Mount Everest

23.11.1979: Leased to International Red Cross (J. Henri Dunant) for humanitary flight to Cambodia

02.01.1980: Returned to Martinair Holland (H.R.H. Princess Margriet)

16.03.1984: To PK Finans International and leased back to Martinair Holland

17.07.1986: To United Aviation Services and leased to Martinair Holland

13.10.1988: Returned to United Aviation Services, N105WA

08.1989: To Intercredit Corporation

08.1989: Leased to World Airways

10.1991: Sub-leased to Malaysian Airline System

22.06.1992: To CIT Leasing Corporation, leased to World Airways and sub-leased to Malaysian Airline System

11.1992: Returned to World Airways

20.10.1993: To Aircraft 46891 Inc.

10.1993: WFU and stored in Mobile, Alabama

08.02.1994: Transferred to CIT Leasing Corporation

13.12.1994: To Avcom Commercial Aviation, UN-10200

25.05.1995: Re-registred RA-10200

09.1995: Returned to CIT Leasing Corporation, N105WA

????: Leased to Challengair, OO-HVA

????: Returned to CIT Leasing Corporation

04.1996: Leased to TAESA, XA-TDC

05.1996: Sub-leased to STAF

1998: Operated for or by NSW (!)

1999: Returned to TAESA

29.01.2000: WFU and stored in Phoenix

14.02.2000: To unknown operator (!), N105AM

2000: Ferried to Goodyear

2000: Rumours about registration N571RY

12.10.2000: To Cielos del Peru

2000: Re-registred OB-1749

????: Named (Petete)

07.07.2003: Skidded of Runway after aquaplaning in Curitiba, Brazil

DC-10-30F (CF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Ralph Kunadt

World Airways, a specialist in sub-charter and wet leasing, operated a large number of DC-10s, including #127, at this time known as N105WA.

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Photo from M. Maibrink collection

#127 is still in MASkargo colours, although it should be with Aircraft 46891 at this time. (Los Angeles, October 1993)

Photo from Taxiways collection

A few months in 1994 and 1995, #127 was operated by Avcom Commercial Aviation

Photo by John Kelley

Argetinian carrier STAF was one of many operators of #127.

Photo by Don Boyd

#127, a well-known aircraft in Mexico, here with NSW fuselage and TAESA tail, MIA, September 21st 1998.

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Photo by Michael Carter

Resting between flights in southern California: #127 in Los Angeles on September 4th 2004.

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