17.01.1980: Assembled in Long Beach

09.04.1980: To World Airways, N109WA

02.1982: To the Bank of New York and leased back to World Airways

25.03.1983: Leased to Air Florida

09.07.1984: Returened to World Airways

????: To World Airways

07.1985: Leased to Malysian Airline system

09.1985: Returned to World Airways

10.04.1986: Leased to United Airlines (3059)

09.1986: Re-registred N1859U

????: To United Airlines

????: Converted to DC-10-30F (AF)

23.12.2000: Last service for United Airlines, WFU and stored in Chicago

28.12.2000: Ferried to Marana

2001: Ferried to Mobile, Alabama

27.12.2001: Ferried to Roswell

12.2001: To FedEx, N327FE (ntu?)

2002: To CIT Group

05.09.2002: Leased to BrasMex, PR-BME

2003: Returned to CIT Leasing after BrasMex suspended operations

23.11.2004: To unknown lessor, N478CT and ferried to Marana

11.02.2005: Leased to Arrow Air

19.02.2005: Ferried to Rio de Janeiro for repainting

22.02.2005: Roll-out in full Arrow Air colours

DC-10-30F (CF),

later -30F (AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Michael Carter

#314 with "Worldwide Cargo" titles in Los Angeles in March 1999

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