09.07.1973: Assmbeled in Long Beach

18.09.1973: To SABENA, OO-SLA

05.04.1974: Inaugurated SABENA's route from Brussels via Anchorage to Tokio and two days later back without the Anchorage stopover.

01.04.1985: Inaugurated SABENA’s route from Brussels to Boston

15.06.1986: Leased to JAT - Jugoslovenski

31.10.1986: Returned to SABENA

22.12.1986: To Spectrum Equipment and leased back to SABENA

12.06.1987: Sub-leased to JAT - Jugoslovenski

23.10.1989: Returned to SABENA

16.11.1989: Sub-leased to Zambia Airways

27.01.1990: Returned to SABENA

11.02.1990: Sub-leased to Zambia Airways

19.03.1990: Returned to SABENA

03.12.1991: To Heller Financial and leased back to SABENA

Hours / cycles accumulated by 31/07/1994: 87963 / 20025 (High time aircraft by then!)

02.11.1994: Returned to Heller Financial, WFU and stored at Paris / Charles de Gaulle

Hours / cycles accumulated by 02/11/1994: 89139 / 20145

06.12.1994: Leased to World Airways, N116WA

31.10.1995: To DAS Air Cargo, 5X-JOE

Hours / cycles accumulated by 30/11/2004: 123 208 / 29857

DC-10-30F (CF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Miguel Snoep

Hello again! #115 is a regular visitor in Amsterdam as seen here touching down.

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Photo by Reinier Kraft van Ermel

On this photo, the aircraft wears "EAF" titles instaed of "DAS" on enigne #2. (AMS)

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