This African flag carrier had the honor of being the last costumer for a DC-10 when it received #446 (N3042W) in 1989. Before, Nigeria Airways ordered two DC-10-30s for delivery in 1976 and took over the first on October 14th. The second DC-10 (5N-ANR), which arrived in 1977, was later the victim of an accident after a test flight. Short-time leases brought the all-time fleet to 13 aircraft, but the high financial losses in the 1980s and 1990s forced Nigeria Airways to reduce the fleet. So #446 had to be sold away, leaving #231 (5N-ANN) the sole DC-10 in the fleet. Today, it is one of only a few aircraft in good conditions and is seen on the re-started European services and some inner-African routes. After another financial crisis, some aircraft were withdrawn from use, included the DC-10. Finally, Nigeria Airways was dissolved in mid-2003.

Following aircraft were operated by or for Nigeria Airways:

RegistrationAircraftFleetnr./NameOperated from - toWhere is it now?
5N-ANN46957/ 231Yankari04.09.1989 - 2000
and 2000 - now
5N-ANR46968/ 24318.10.1977 - 10.01.1987WRITTEN OFF
N101TV46800/ 9610.1979 - 11.1979FedEx
N3042W48318/ 44604.09.1989 - 28.09.1989Omni Air International
OH-LHB47957/ 20112.10.1981 - 14.11.1981Omni Air International
RP-C200346958/ 23223.06.1981 - 25.01.1982SCRAPPED
SX-CVP48294/ 37219.01.2001 - 2001Electra Aviation
TC-JAY46907/ 7809.1980 - 11.1980FedEx

Following DC-10 aircraft have been written off during service with Nigeria Airways:
5N-ANR, 46968/ 243

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