17.12.1970: Assembled in Long Beach and used at test aircraft by Mc Donnell - Douglas as N101AA

29.01.1971: First flight

1972: Re-registred N10DC

03.06.1977: To Laker (Southern Belle), G-BELO

05.02.1982: WFU and stored when Laker ceased operations

21.02.1983: To American Trans Air (City of Indianapolis), N183AT

????: Operated for or by Air Hawaii

13.12.1985: To Omni International Jet Trading Floor

02.1986: To Cal-Air International, G-GCAL

07.12.1988: New name: Novair International

04.05.1990: Transferred to Rank Organisation

????: Stored in Prestwick, Scotland and later in Waco, Texas

27.11.1991: To Project Orbis, N220AU

1992: Modified to medical aircraft

11.09.2001: Operations ceased

07.2002: Operations continued




3 CF6-6D1A

Photo by Taxiways collection

Air Hawaii was a very short-lived airline which operated DC-10-10s on services between Hawaii and the US west coast.

Photo by Thomas Millard

The by far most interesting career was made by Ship #2. 46501/ 2 was one of Mc Donnell-Douglas' test aircraft and flew for a lot of carriers before being converted to the unique Orbis flying hospital.

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Photo by Patrick Saine
for Project ORBIS

Now, Orbis' DC-10 has a new logo and still brings hope to many people around the world. Note the information shown under the left rear door of good old #2!

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