16.04.1979: Assembled in Long Beach

19.07.1979: To Western Airlines (910), N912WA

01.04.1987: Merged into Delta Air Lines (786)

06.05.1988: To United Aviation Chartering and leased to Scanair

16.06.1988: To Scandinavian Air Chartering, leased to Scanair and sub-leased to American Airlines

19.03.1989: Returned to Scanair

14.06.1989: Sub-leased to World Airways

15.12.1989: Re-registred SE-DHX

1990: Sub-sub-leased to Malaysian Airways

08.1990: Returned to World Airways

29.05.1991: Returned to Scanair

10.07.1991: Leased to Sun Country Airlines

02.1994: To FSBU - First Security Bank of Utah and leased again to Sun Country

01.03.1994: Re-registred N571SC

????: To Europeisk Luftcharter, leased back to Premiair (Scanair merged into this airline) and sub-leased to Sun Country Airlines

11.06.1998: To Ryan International

12.06.1998: Ferried to Manchester to be painted in Airtours cs

03.11.1998: Operated for Skyservice USA

07.07.2000: Re-registred N571RY

15.04.2003: WFU and stored at Kemble, UK

07.2003: Broken up in Kemble, UK





Photo from M. Maibrink collection

#283 started its long career as N912WA with Western Air Lines. (Honolulu 06/1980)

Photo from Taxiways collection

Short after the merger with Delta Air Lines, all Western aircraft were removed of all titles and provisional titles applied. These are the interim colours seen on 737, 727 and of course DC-10.

Photo by Tom Vance

#283 in San Francisco in July of 1988. Although Delta was one of the largest TriStar operators in the world, DC-10s in DA colours like #283 are quite familiar.

Photo by Frank Schaefer

One of a few American Airlines DC-10s with a white fuselage. They were operated for a couple of months only. (Dallas/ Fort Worth, July 1988)

Photo by Michael Carter

#283 in Skyservice USA colours. Note the tail logo which is the one from Airtours! (LGB 11/1998)

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