09.05.1975: Assembled in Long Beach (Planned registration: TU-TBD)

19.06.1975: To Air Afrique, TU-TAM

27.06.1975: Leased to Thai Airways (Sriwanna), HS-TGB

20.05.1976: Returned to Air Afrique, TU-TAM

01.11.1992 / 07.1992 (!): Leased to AOM French Airlines

27.03.1993: To AOM French Airlines, F-GNEM

????: To Electra Aviation and leased back to AOM French Airlines

????: To Air Afrique and leased to AOM French Airlines, F-GNEM

05.06.2001: WFU and stored in Nimes

2002: Back in service with Air Lib

06.02.2003: WFU and stored in Nimes after Air Lib ceased operations

17.10.2005: To Societé Normande d’Entreprise SARL




3 CF6-50C

Photo from Taxiways collection

#204 in Air Afrique colours

Photo by Ken Fielding

One of many holiday charters made by AOM. #204 is seen here in Las Palmas on October 27th 1994.

Photo from Taxiways collection

Like other DC-10s, also #204 was operated by AOM for Cubana.

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