16.07.1980: Assembled in Long Beach

09.10.1980: To VARIG, PP-VMV

????: To Mitsui & Company and leased back to VARIG

06.1999: Returned to Mitsui

25.06.1999: Leased to Skyjet, N335SJ

29.10.1999: Ferried to Wichita to be converted to DC-10-30F (AF)

2000: Re-registred F-GSKA

2000: Converted to DC-10-30F (AF)

2000: Re-registred N335SJ

2000: Leased to DAS Air Cargo

Hours/Cycles acumulated by 01/06/2001: ca. 69 000 / 16 000

2001: Returned to Skyjet and transferred to Electra Aviation

2002: Re-registred SX-CVC

2002: Operated for ACS in dual colour scheme

2003: WFU and stored in Nimes

03.11.2005: To unknown company (?), N331FV

02.12.2005: Ferried from Nimes to Zurich

05.12.2005: Ferried from Zurich to Nimes on delivery to Rotor Trade Inc.

18.05.2006: To Cargo Italia

19.05.2006: Re-registred I-CGIA

later -30F(AF)



3 CF6-50C2

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#335 finals 27 right at London/Heathrow in July of 1996.

Photo by Miguel Snoep

When DAS Air Cargo lost #228 in an accident, it leased #335 from Skyjet to fill the gap. Here it is in Amsterdam on April 4th 2001.

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Photo by Ken Fielding

#335 operating a military charter from Manchester to Kuwait on March 2nd 2003. Note the additional ACS sticker for the future costumer!

Photo by Heinz Reich Jr.

This is Cargo Italia's first DC-10 which is soon to be seen on routes from Italy to eastern Asia and North America. It seems that it will get some fleetmates soon.

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