20.11.1972: Assembled in Long Beach and planned for Delta Air Lines but not taken up

06.01.1973: To United Airlines and leased to Delta Air Lines, N604DA

07.05.1975: Returned to United Airlines (3136), N1836U

27.05.1983: Leased to CP Air (Empress of Santiago), N1836U

12.01.1986: New name: Canadian Pacific Airlines

26.04.1987: Merged into Canadian Airlines International, name and fleet-number retained

13.06.1987: Returned to United Airlines

13.10.2000: Last service for United Airlines

18.11.2000: WFU and stored in Las Vegas

14.06.2001: Ferried to Goodyear Municipal

05.07.2001: To FedEx, N380FE

16.05.2002: To Aviation Management Systems for scrapping




3 CF6-6D

Photo by B. Fleischmann collection

#74 in June 1982.

Photo by Frank Schaefer

#74 was leased from United with a big EXPO 86 sticker

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