07.12.1978: Assembled in Long Beach and registred N1002D for Douglas

27.02.1979: To Laker Airways (Northern Belle), G-GFAL

02.1982: Repossessed by Mitsui & Company Inc.

22.02.1982: Leased to British Caledonian Airways, G-BJZD

01.03.1983: Trasferred to British Caledonian Charter

27.10.1985: Transferred to Cal-Air

07.12.1988: New name: Novair International

04.05.1990: To Rank Organisation

09.1990: WFU and stored in Prestwick, Scotland

????: Ferried to Waco, Texas

30.11.1992: To ILFC - International Lease Finance Corporation, N581LF

02.1994: Converted to DC-10-10F (AF)

05.08.1994: Leased to Federal Express

19.10.1994: Re-registred N10060

28.09.1995: To CIT Leasing Corporation and leased back to Federal Express

????: New name: FedEx

????: Named (Haylee)


later -10F(AF)



3 CF6-6D1A

Photo from Taxiways collection

Laker Airways operated #269 for a short time only.

Photo by Ken Fielding

Some of the Laker DC-10 went to British Caledonian after that company ceased operations (Manchester, 02/05/1982)

Photo by Ken Fielding

#269 spent some more time with British Caledonian charter than with its mother company. Here's the aircraft in Las Palmas in February of 1985.

Photo by Frank Schaefer

This aircraft had quite a few different colour schemes and titles when being in the UK - #269 at London/Gatwick in 1987.

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Photo by Ken Fielding

#260 without titles on February 27th 1988 in Nice.

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