The flag carrier from Ghana, Ghana Airways is a well-known airline all over the world. In the early 1980s, an order for a single DC-10-30 was placed to substitute the Boeing 707. Due to the worldwide aviation crisis this order came close to a cancellation, but 9G-ANA was taken up on February 25th 1983 and became a popular guest on airports in Europe, Africa and also in New York with its colorful scheme. Until 1996, Ghana Airways' whole long-range network was flown only by this single aircraft, but then it was joined by a second DC-10-30, this time leased from Skyjet. The airline is very satisfied with its trijet and although Ghana Airways had a small financially weak period in 1998 (after the accident of the DC-9-50), two more DC-10-30s were acquired from Malaysia Airlines / World Airways for further expansions. Three short-time leases brought the all-time fleet to ten aircraft.
Today, the airline is in financial trouble. All own operations were ceased in September 2004. In the following moths, occasionally flights were operated by other airlines including Air Zimbabwe, Royal Jordanian and Orient Thai Airways. There are plans to reorganize the airline under the new name of "Ghana International"

Right: Ghana Airways sticker, 2003

Following aircraft were operated by or for Ghana Airways:

RegistrationAircraftFleetnr./NameOperated from - toWhere is it now?
9G-ANA48286/ 36925.02.1983 - 2003SCRAPPED
9G-ANB46959/ 23402.10.1999 - 2003-stored-
9G-ANC46933/ 15912.1999 - 2003SCRAPPED
9G-AND46712/ 10610.2003 - 27.07.2004SCRAPPED
9G-ANE46713/ 16523.11.2003 - 16.09.2004SCRAPPED
46554/ 841993 - 1993
???? - 02.2000 and
2000 - 2002
PH-DTA46550/ 461981 - 1981SCRAPPED
PH-DTL46952/ 1851982 - ????SCRAPPED
V2-LER48294/ 3721998 - 1998-stored-
YU-AMB46988/ 27820.08.2003 - 24.09.2003SCRAPPED

Additional information about Ghana Airways and the DC-10:
* Seatcharts of Ghana Airways' DC-10

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