Beside its charter subsidiary Condor, Lufthansa was the only airline in Germany to operate the DC-10. Having an all-Boeing-fleet at the time the DC-10 was ordered the airline breaked with its purpose to buy only jets from the omnipotent manufacturer from Seattle. Four DC-10-30 were ordered on September 23rd, 1970 for low density overseas routes, especially those to South America. Later, the DC-10 was also assigned to the african, asian and australian routes and in some cases - where the A300s were to small - the DC-10 could also be seen on routes to the Middle East.
As soon as the first aircraft (D-ADAO on Novermber 12th, 1973) was delivered, Lufthansa placed an order for five more aircraft and in the middle of the 1970s, two options were converted, bringing Lufthansas DC-10 - fleet to 11 aircraft. A twelth aircraft, a DC-10-30F(CF) N112WA was leased in 1989 from World Airways for six months. Lufthansa operated also Condor's D-ADSO for more than a year.
After more than 20 years in service, the last DC-10 was phased out - its last regular service was the Frankfurt - Tel Aviv route. Most of the aircraft were phased out and stored in Arizona or Munich, Germany before they got the new colour scheme, only a few were seen in Lufthansas new "all-white livery".
As the european charter market was booming in the middle of the 1990s, three (not only two as widely known!) aircraft (D-ADGO , D-ADHO and D-ADJO) came back to fly for SABENA, later D-ADJO flew together with D-ADLO for Condor. These three aircraft went to Continental while the other eight were converted to DC-10-30AF for Gemini Air Cargo.
Today, Lufthansa is one of the world's ten largest air carriers and operates the ex DC-10 - routes with A340. The german flag carrier is still very proud of having operated the DC-10 for more than 20 years without trouble.

Following aircraft were operated by or for Lufthansa:

RegistrationAircraftFleetnr./NameOperated from - toWhere is it now?
D-ADAO47921/ 117Brave Bull
12.11.1973 - 06.1992-stored-
D-ADBO47922/ 122Bochum
15.01.1974 - 09.12.1990 and
01.07.1991 - 05.1993
D-ADCO47923/ 123Frankfurt
11.02.1974 - 01.1994Gemini Air Cargo
D-ADDO47924/ 129Hamburg
15.02.1974 - 04.1994-stored-
D-ADFO47925/ 166München
14.11.1974 - 19.02.1994Gemini Air Cargo
D-ADGO47926/ 170Bonn03.01.1975 - 01.1993 Omni Air International
D-ADHO47927/ 190Hannover28.02.1975 - 04.1994Omni Air International
D-ADJO47928/ 192Essen 10.03.1975 - 01.05.1994 and
1994 - 04.07.1994
World Airways
D-ADKO47929/ 196Stuttgart26.02.1975 - 17.09.1994-stored-
D-ADLO46917/ 211Nürnberg01.12.1975 - 01.12.1994-stored-
D-ADMO46965/ 245Dortmund09.12.1977 - 10.12.1992 and
11.10.1992 - 17.06.1993
Gemini Air Cargo
D-ADSO48252/ 34202.1988 - 04.1989Omni Air International
N112WA47820/ 31725.01.1989 - 18.07.1989FedEx

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