When Swissair became the second European costumer for the DC-2, a long connection to Douglas began, and many other European airlines followed. Other Douglas aircraft followed the footsteps of the DC-2, and only the DC-5 was not operated. So also the DC-10, the last of the Douglas commercial series. Although Swissair needed some larger aircraft, in form of 747, for its high-density routes, the DC-10 became Swissair’s flagship on its long-range routes all over the world. Together with three other airlines, KLM, SAS and UTA, together known as the KSSU - group, Swissair placed an order for six aircraft and five options (which were all taken up). On November 21st of 1972, Swissair received its first DC-10-30 together with KLM and had the honor of receiving the second oldest DC-10-30, HB-IHA, (the oldest went, after some test flights for Mc Donnell - Douglas, to KLM). Swissair was also the first airline to introduce the DC-10 on long overwater flights on December 15th 1972, flying from Zurich to Chicago (via Montreal) and was also the launch costumer for the DC-10-30ER. In the times of the crisis in the airline industry, Swissair sold its oldest DC-10, HB-IHA and HB-IHB, to Ecuatoriana and Spantax while another one, was sold to Continental Airlines in 1986. In 1992, the last DC-10 left the fleet and now Swissairs DC-10 are flying mainly for Northwest Airlines. Swissair was one of the first costumers for the MD-11 which replaced the DC-10 as intercontinental flagship, but even the days of the MD-11 are counted and the A340-600 will take over this routes in the new century. Swissair collapsed in 2001 due to the crisis in economy and its own mismanagement based on fast expansion and acquisition of financially weak airlines. Crossair, a regional carrier in which Swissair had a large stake, took over the flights and was renamed Swiss. The combined fleet includeD Saab 2000, Embraer ERJ 145, Avro RJ85/100, A319/320/321, MD-80, A330-200 and MD-11.

Following aircraft were operated by or for Swissair:

RegistrationAircraftFleetnr./NameOperated from - toWhere is it now?
HB-IHA46575/ 57St. Gallen30.11.1972 - 01.09.1983SCRAPPED
HB-IHB46576/ 73Schaffhausen05.02.1973 - 08.03.1984SCRAPPED
HB-IHC46577/ 114Luzern
05.09.1973 - 30.08.1991SCRAPPED
HB-IHD46578/ 131Bern
06.12.1973 - 02.05.1988-stored-
HB-IHE46579/ 132Vaud06.02.1974 - 17.05.1991-stored-
HB-IHF46580/ 183Nidwalden11.01.1975 - 17.05.1991American Trans Air
HB-IHG46581/ 184Grisons
14.02.1975 - 31.05.1991American Trans Air
HB-IHH46582/ 187Basel-Stadt
14.02.1975 - 18.02.1992American Trans Air
HB-IHI46969/ 241Fribourg21.01.1977 - 30.05.1992-stored-
HB-IHL46583/ 292Ticino
03.03.1980 - 27.02.1992American Trans Air
HB-IHM46584/ 293Valais / Wallis01.02.1980 - 21.01.1992-stored-
HB-IHN48292/ 368St. Gallen27.02.1982 - 03.06.1992SCRAPPED
HB-IHO48293/ 371Uri01.04.1982 - 03.06.1992-stored-
HB-IHP46868/ 17103.10.1989 - 23.01.1991-stored-
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