Mexicana, founded in 1921, is one of the oldest airlines in the world. On September 24th 1979, the airline decided to order two DC-10-15s for their high density routes out of Mexico City which were operated in competition with Aeromexico which also ordered two DC-10-15s on the same day. So Mexicana became launch costumer for this hot and high - version which was almost tailor-made for the airline. Mexicana’s first widebodies became very popular so that orders for three further aircraft were placed with the last arriving in 1983. The introduction of the new aircraft enabled Mexicana to inaugurate international services to larger US-cities like Chicago, New York and Miami. Financial problems in the end of the 1980s forced Mexicana to sell some parts of their fleet and give up some destinations so that the DC-10s were phased out in the 1990s. Now a fleet of F100, 727, A320 and 757 is operated and Mexicana is looking into a prosperous future.

Following aircraft were operated by or for Mexicana:

RegistrationAircraftFleetnr./NameOperated from - toWhere is it now?
48294/ 372Itzaccihuatl13.01.1983 - 05.09.1995-stored-
XA-MEW48295/ 374Popocatepetl13.01.1983 - 15.01.1995SCRAPPED
N102UA46905/ 47 20.06.1989 - 12.08.1991SCRAPPED
N907WA46946 22217.04.1989 - 10.1993SCRAPPED
N1003L48258/ 346Azteca15.06.1981 - 21.07.1993-stored-
N1003W48289/ 36503.02.1982 - ????SCRAPPED
N1004548259/ 357Maya
29.06.1981 - 15.06.1993 and
20.09.1994 - 09.1994

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