Cielos del Perú is a freight carrier and currently one of the largest in South America. It was founded in 1997 and commenced operations with a Boeing 707 aircraft. The first DC-10 was #127, a well-known aircraft in Latin America. Further DC-10-30F(AF) freighters and a single DC-10-10F(AF)from different sources joined the fleet which currently numbers nine trijets. A tenth aircraft, #324, joined the fleet in late 2005, but it is not clear if the aircraft will enter into service or will only be used for spares. Cielos del Perú operates cargo flight to North America and Europe as well as within South America. Its DC-10s carry flowers, esparragus and many other goods around the world.

Following aircraft were operated by or for the Cielos del Perú:

RegistrationAircraftFleetnr./NameOperated from - toWhere is it now?
OB-174946891/ 127Petete12.10.2000 - nowACTIVE
46975/ 24822.07.2005 - nowACTIVE
OB-????47834/ 32403.10.2005 - nowACTIVE
N305FE47879/ 339Petete IV05.04.2003 - nowACTIVE
N322FE47908/ 215Petete VI2004 - 2006Master Top Linhas Aereas
N609GC46932/ 158Petete VIII2004 - nowACTIVE
N614GC46931/ 137Petete V13.06.2003 - nowACTIVE
N831LA46936/ 147Petete II18.07.2002 - nowACTIVE
N833LA46937/ 152Petete III29.07.2002 - nowACTIVE
N6804446903/ 43Petete VII2004 - 04.12.2006TAB Cargo

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