DAS Air Cargo, the established cargo airline from Uganda, introduced #115 (5X-JOE) as first DC-10 in 1995. This ex-SABENA DC-10 enabled the carrier to replace the far smaller Boeing 707 freighters quickly as the aircraft was a Series -30CF and had not to be undertaken a time-expensive freighter conversion. In 1997 and 1999, more DC-10-30s were acquired, but this time the tens were ex-passenger aircraft. In April 2000, N800WR (#228) was lost when the aircraft skidded into the Victoria Lake, but only a few months later, a replacement aircraft was leased from Skyjet. More aircraft were added since 2000, including a former Gemini freighter. The seven DC-10 are operated from Entebbe and London to several points in Africa and western Europe and although DAS Air Cargo is from Uganda, the airline is based in London. Several problems with european authorities, including a temporary ban, led to a fleet reduction. Now, the fleet comprises only two DC-10s.

Right: DAS Air Cargo (EAF) DC-10-30F(AF) in Amsterdam on November 7th 1998 - BY MIGUEL SNOEP

Following aircraft were operated by or for DAS Air Cargo:

RegistrationAircraftFleetnr./NameOperated from - toWhere is it now?
5X-BON46921/ 21419.12.2003 - 01.12.2006VarigLOG
5X-DAS46541/ 28120.07.2005 - 20.12.2006-stored-
5X-JOE47906/ 11531.10.1995 - nowACTIVE
5X-ROY47818/ 30526.06.2002 - ????-stored-
N335SJ47843/ 3352000 - 2001Cargo Italia
46976/ 25403.04.1997 - 11.01.2007-stored-
46590/ 26615.12.2000 - 2006Avient

47831/ 3272001 - 2006Arrow Air
N800WR46955/ 22813.05.1995 - 30.04.2000WRITTEN OFF

Following DC-10 aircraft have been written off during service with DAS Air Cargo:
N800WR, 46955/ 228

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